Your ultimate goal, a prick in my heart

Posted by Penarik Beca Friday, January 2, 2009

My SinChew (31/12/08): Recently, Pas vice president Husam Musa said that if opposition Pakatan Rakyat coalition successfully seizes power in the next general elections, Pas will go ahead to implement hudud and qisas Islamic laws. Even though its president Abdul Hadi Awang cautioned later that it requires careful planning for the implementation. He also assured that the two states where PAS is in power, Islamic laws only apply to Muslims currently because Malaysia has yet to achieve social stability, and it is thus not the right time for the implementation.

In other words, the implementation of hudud and qisas laws are the consistent "ultimate goal" for Pas. It is just the question of timing.

Honestly, as non-Muslims, you and I are not so clear about what are hudud and qisas laws. We can only say that Islamic laws have always been a psychological threat to non-Muslims in Malaysia, like a prick that sometimes stabs our hearts, worrying us.

In fact, there are many common values among different religions, such as universal love, justice and peace. But based on complex historical and cultural factors, there are also many differences and conflicts.

The concern is that such differences and conflicts would be manipulated and exaggerated by politicians that may even lead to bloody violences.

We understand that, like other parts of the world, Muslim leaders in Malaysia have divided into liberal and conservative factions, with endless conflicts between them. As non-Muslims, we have no way to voice our opinions about their conflicts. We can only hope that they can move forward to democracy, be more liberal and open-minded. Hopefully, mutual understanding can be enhanced through communications and exchange of views, and thereby reduce the "clash of civilisations" as predicted by influential political scientist late Samuel P. Huntington. (By LIM MUN FAH/ Translated by SOONG PHUI JEE/ Sin Chew Daily)

DAP agrees to PAS candidate but with conditions

The Star (29/12/08): The DAP will support a PAS candidate for the Jan 17 Kuala Terengganu by-election only if the Islamist party does not pursue its agenda for an Islamic state with hudud and qisas laws.

DAP chairman Karpal Singh said DAP has never been inconsistent in its stance against the introduction of such laws because this went against the provisions of the Federal Constitution.

On Dec 23, Karpal had also released a statement reminding that a five-man Supreme Court panel, led by former Lord President Tun Salleh Abbas, had made a judicial pronouncement in 1988 that Malaysia was a secular state, not an Islamic one, according to the Constitution.

“Following my statement, (PAS vice-chairman) Datuk Husam Musa retracted his statement unconditionally. I stated that with the retraction, DAP would support the PAS candidate for the Kuala Terengganu by-election,” he said in a statement on Monday.

Karpal said this in response to MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu’s statement on Sunday calling him a “toothless tiger" and criticising the DAP for supporting PAS.

“Obviously, Samy, as usual, has not checked his facts,” Karpal said, adding that since the March 8 general elections, Samy Vellu had lost substantial support among the Indians.

Karpal now a toothless tiger, says Samy

The Star (28/12/08)
: A fired-up MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu has criticised DAP chairman Karpal Singh for turning into a “toothless tiger” by pledging DAP’s support for PAS in the Jan 17 Kuala Terengganu by-election.

He said Karpal Singh, who has been vocal on the Islamic state issue and hudud laws, appeared to have “surrendered to PAS.”

“Karpal Singh should be consistent in his stand (on hudud laws) and not become a puppet of PAS. His stand indicates that he and his party will give in and abandon their principles for the sake of ensuring a victory for the opposition candidate,” he said in a statement here Sunday.

Samy Vellu had challenged Opposition and PKR leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to publicly state his stand on PAS’ intention to pursue the implementation of hudud laws.

He said the DAP owed an explanation to the people, especially the Chinese community, on its conflicting views on hudud.

“Karpal should also not allow his credibility to be lost among Indian voters who voted for him in the last general election,” he said, calling on Karpal Singh to live up to his “lion” nickname given by his supporters.

Nik Aziz says people will accept hudud laws someday
DAP sets terms to support PAS’ choice (The Star)


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