Band not sorry over ‘revealing act’

Posted by Penarik Beca Monday, July 7, 2008

Malay Mail (7/7/08): In a show of defiance, local rock band Carburetor Dung says it will not apologise for the “revealing act” of its vocalist Alak on stage at the “onemillion-people-protest” against rising oil prices and a pro-Anwar rally at the Kelana Jaya Stadium last night.

Band spokesman Joe Kidd told Malay Mail it was not the band’s intention to upset anyone, therefore “we are not sorry”.

“It was a huge misunderstanding ... we did not intend to aggravate the crowd,” he said.

“Alak (band vocalist) just showed the top of his boxer shorts when he lifted his shirt during a number.

“It was nothing at all. It is weird that some people reacted the way they did,” he added.

Joe, who is also the guitarist, admitted though that it could have been the band’s fault for “not being able to read the crowd”.

He explained that the song, titled “Mari Belajar Jilat”, touched on corruption.

Asked if the band planned to apologise to de facto PKR leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, given the sodomy allegations he is facing, Joe said: “This has nothing to do with Anwar. People should not put two and two together and assume things.” He said the band does not plan to lodge a police report over the assault of all five members as “it was just a big misunderstanding”.

On the extent of their injuries following the assault by the angry crowd, Joe said they were “all fine”.

The band was performing “Mari Belajar Jilat” about 7pm when vocalist Alak turned around and lifted his shirt up, showing part of his underwear.

A report posted on a website suggested that he had shown his buttocks. A segment of the crowd started booing before projectiles began raining on the stage. Security personnel, believed to be PKR Youth members, stopped the band’s performance but this did not prevent a mob from surging on to the stage.

Witnesses said the mob started assaulting the band members, who were then whisked away by the security personnel.

Earlier, there were also shouts from some who wanted the band to stop playing as it was almost the maghrib prayer time. Later, one of the organisers of the rally went on stage and apologised to the crowd over the incident. There were also reports yesterday that PAS had taken offence to the carnival-like atmosphere at the rally.

A news website report said 700 members of the PAS volunteer unit, known as Unit Amal, also withdrew from helping out as they were unhappy over the performance of another rock band, Lawan Tetap Lawan, earlier in the afternoon.


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